Vanity Beauty Academy
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Terms and conditions

Vanity Beauty Academy reserve the rights in the design, text, graphics, images and course material, handouts, website, prospectus, and all other literature is the copyright of Vanity Beauty Academy and the use of them are not permitted without prior approval from Vanity Beauty Academy.students will need to purchase a kit of equipment which they will bring into college with them each week for their own use. Students will also be expected to purchase a uniform. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of ten students to ensure intensive personal tuition.

The Vanity Beauty Academy takes no responsibilities for any valuables or possessions that go missing within the building.

All courses must be booked in advance a administration fee of £10.00 is required, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Places on courses can only be guaranteed if the minimum payment has been received. All students must act and behave appropriately and not undertake any act that would bring dishonour to the Academy, as this could result in the candidate/student to be dismissed. Vanity Beauty Academy reserves the right to decline applicants for valid reasons. Vanity Beauty Academy will not tolerate abuse Physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff at any time.

As part our service to provide excellent customer service we operate an equal opportunities policy. Vanity Beauty Academy reserves the right to change the course contents, materials, tutors, training dates/days, venue and course requirements at any time without prior notice.

Health And Safety

  1. Jewellery except wedding bands must not be worn
  2. Hair must be tied away from the face
  3. Caps, hats, etc beside should NOT be worn. Any head gear worn for religious purposes must have no loose ends hanging
  4. Mobile phones must be switched off in the training rooms at all times
  5. Vanity Beauty Academy operates a non-smoking policy with accordance to the new public smoking laws
  6. The students must be dressed appropriately for ALL courses

All students must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Academy at all times. Any students that do not abide by the rules will not be accepted on to the course and may lose their deposit.